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The Hopping Dead an Online Video Slot Machine with Nice Bonuses

Publié par Greta Malone sur 28 Février 2017, 16:54pm

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Slot mash up by developers are good, where the two worlds collide and create something new and original, players can enjoy. The Hopping Dead an online video slot machine with nice bonuses is a game of TOPTREND video slot game that does exactly that.

The theme of horror and zombies and mix it with the theme of ancient Asian ultra-popular The Hopping Dead create a new universe full of humor, big cash prizes and many other surprises. Hopping Dead Know what it has to offer and are ready to roll with a few surprises in our full review of the game.

Meet the Living Dead at The Hopping Dead an Online Video Slot Machine

Forget everything you know about both genres stirring in The Hopping Dead and ready to be surprised by the aesthetic of the game. The action takes place in a dark and mysterious forest in the middle of the night.

Zombies in traditional Chinese clothes jumping in the background while the wheel transparent stretched between two trees. Bar arrow direction is simple with all the important button is located right at the bottom of the game screen.

The Hopping deadwood to normal layout, but still a lot of character and a very original universe features. Let's find out more about the game in the next section. This game is another Chinese themed game just like the dragon king slots also from Toptrend Gaming.

Get to a Dynamic Gameplay Slot

The Hopping Dead play is as easy as following a direction from left to right. Beginners and veterans alike will have a blast betting adjust settings before you spin the reels of the game.

You have 5 reels and 25 pay-lines and equipment to deal with. Signs indicate where the combination of symbols can trigger cash prizes throughout the game. Click the arrow to select a coin value and bet 1-10 coins per spin the reels. The center button to set the wheels in motion at a time.

Prize money to The Hopping Dead calculated according to the current bet, and depending on the combination that scored. More money on the reels then can unlock bigger bets pay, and the max bet button will help you go all-in with a single click. You can also contact

Drive spin game mode at any time, to collect bets and let Hopping Dead determine its direction. Back to normal play mode to adjust the settings to your liking.

Big Wins are Available Immediately

The Hopping Dead fee schedule is full of symbols on the reels offer. There are plenty of opportunities to win big in the game, and we see they list all the examples, while the prize money on the basis of a small bet one credit.

The card with the number 9 to Ace until the first part of the menu at The Hopping Dead. They can be the credit 5-100 in the game and have a very standard feature, common to many slot games.

Garlic, rice, fangs, whip, sword and hat is the last of the basic symbols. You can turn that up to 2,000 reward credit with them, which is quite a bit '. In addition, The Hopping Dead have some surprises for players.

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