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A Classic Chinese Culture Themed Slot Game Dragon King Slots

Publié par Greta Malone sur 28 Février 2017, 16:27pm

Catégories : #Betting Tips, #Slot Game

Chinese traditional culture is one of the most popular inspiration for developers, and players continue to ask for more as well. Dragon King is a video slot game designed by TopTrend Gaming that that the wave of popularity and offer a new take on the genre.

Classic Asian themes combine with high quality cartoon graphics, a new attention to detail and some big wins available at all times. To learn more about a classic Chinese culture themed slot game dragon king slots and all the unique features, read our full review of the game. This is one of the themed slot games like zeus vs hades sot machine ancient greece themed slot from Toptrend Gaming.

Dragon King Slots Attractive and Peaceful Interface

Dragon King Slots feature quality of the graphics to attract new players and therefore the universe has a clear and objective views. Reels placed under Chinese green tile roof and clean the left so that players can appreciate the dramatic landscape in the distance. Tall, green mountains plunge directly into the blue waters of the lake, while paper lanterns being waved gently in the victory on either side of the reels.

Command bar is simple discrete arrow button on the brick wall at the bottom of the screen. As you can see, the Dragon King is quite impressive and gives the Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android player a world of peace and quiet to enjoy. Moving on, we'll take a look at the game itself is played.

Easy To Navigate Controls on Dragon King Slots

Dragon King is based on common rules shared by most inventions TopTrend Gaming. As a result, many players will feel comfortable placing their first bet on the reels immediately.

Matrix game consists of 5 reels with 25 paylines to bet fixed. Signs indicate that a combination of symbols trigger prize money, from left to right. Different arrow buttons in the command bar will help you choose the coin and bet 1-5 coins per spin. Adjust this parameter and the rotation of the wheel when you feel ready to start gambling.

Different cash prizes available in the entire Dragon King depending on your current bets and a combination of slot game symbols on the reels perform. Click the max bet button if you want to bet the highest at once, or choose their own bets settings and activate automatic play mode dial to apply the final round in a row. Whatever you end up doing, you can change your strategy at any time during the game.

Big Wins Immediately Available

Various symbols Dragon King is listed in the table of salaries game. We will see here as well and see how they can be combined value when playing with a betting credit. Normal icons card, ranging from number 9 and extends to Ace, is that people will be seen more often in the Dragon King Slots. They can be a credit in the amount of 5-200, which already can be rewarded very well in the early stages of the game.

Four of the last symbol is a representation different from Dragon King Authorities. Black, white, red and green, each of them is more and more rare and valuable, with the grand prize 2000 credits. You will also see that the red and green also receive a combination of only two symbols.

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